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Who is Real Deals for You?

Real Deals for You is the name Toolbank traditionally uses to advertise its Christmas promotion, new product launches and exciting seasonal offers throughout the year.

Real Deals for You products are available to buy from a selected network of independent stockists throughout the UK and Ireland who participate in the promotion.

As a nationwide distributor, Toolbank's immense buying power means Real Deals for You can offer consumers hugely competitive prices from the biggest brands around. Many offers are only available exclusively through Real Deals for You Approved Stockists, and when you buy from yours, you can be sure you're 'Keeping the Tool Trade Local' and enjoying fantastic savings.

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Big brands, savings and support for independent stockists

Welcome to Real Deals for You, home to new product launches and exclusive offers from the UK and Ireland's best known hand and power tool brands. Real Deals for You promotions support local retailers by enabling them to offer outstanding deals from the biggest brands on the market. 

Many items are exclusive or brand new launches, and will be available from a stockist near you, whether that be a local DIY store, a builder's merchant, electrical supplier or ironmonger. Wherever you go, if you buy from a Real Deals for You Approved Stockist, you’ll be saving money and supporting a local business!

To find out how we helped your local stockist during our 2013 Christmas promotion, and to discover some of last year’s bestsellers and offers, please click here

We want you to be part of Real Deals for You 2014, so send us your top tips, product reviews and enter our exclusive competitions. Have a look around, follow us on Twitter and join in the conversation.

The Real Deals for You 2014 Christmas promotion will officially begin in October, when you will be able to buy fantastic products at unbeatable prices from your local Real Deals for You Approved Stockist.

Watch: Product Demo

Watch: Product Demo Play

See our EXCLUSIVE Irwin Flat Bit set in action.

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Let's Get Social

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2013 Product Reviews

2013 Product Reviews

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Stockist Directory

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