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More About Cuprinol

With over 75 years of woodcare expertise, Cuprinol woodcare treatments are the best you can use. At Cuprinol they know how important it is to treat your garden wood, as leaving it untreated causes the wood to lose its colour and good looks. They regularly test the performance of their wood treatments against the elements, so that they can continue to provide the best performing products and the highest quality finishes.
Cuprinol has developed a premium product range to address all the needs of your hard and softwood decking and garden furniture. Old wood can be brought back to life with the Cuprinol cleaners and Cuprinol restorers and then colour injected with Cuprinol stains and Cuprinol finishes. You can also protect your decking and garden furniture in natural colours with Cuprinol teak and hardwood oils that use special wax enriched formulation to enhance the natural beauty of the wood.