Ensured Durability From Duracell

Duracell is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-performance alkaline batteries, speciality cells and rechargeables. The tradition of innovation started by Ruben and Mallory is still evident today, as the company continues to strive to find innovative and efficient ways to power consumers’ lives.


More About Duracell

The story of Duracell begins with an inventive scientist named Samuel Ruben and an eager manufacturer of tungsten filament wire, named Philip Rogers Mallory.

In the 1950’s, Samuel Ruben improved the alkaline manganese battery, making it more compact and durable than anything before it. At about the same time, Eastman Kodak introduced cameras with a built-in flash unit – one that required more power than zinc carbon cells could provide. The cameras needed alkaline manganese cells but in a new size, the AAA. It was this photographic demand for power that put alkaline cells on the map, and the Duracell brand was introduced in 1964 – with the consumer market for Duracell batteries rocketing shortly after.