Hultafor’s Handy Selection

Hultafors is a leading international brand for highly advanced hand tools for the construction industry. The business offers a wide selection of trustworthy hand tools for many different requirements, including measuring, marking, chopping and striking. Founded more than 130 years ago, Hultafors continues to be driven by developing innovative new products, and the result is tough tools that deliver the best possible function, precision and reliability.

More About Hultafors

Hultafors is a leading international brand within state-of-the-art hand tools designed for construction and industry. It all started more than 130 years ago with the innovation of the folding rule.

Today they offer a wide selection of reliable hand tools for measuring & marking, chopping & striking, knives, and pry & wrecking bars.
Developing new products is what drives them. When they believe in an idea they give it 100%. The result is tools that deliver the best possible function, reliability and precision. Tools that can take all the hard knocks, are durable and, more to the point, feel right in your hand. Tools you can rely on in all situations, every day.

Hultafors offers innovative hand tools with the best possible functionality, precision and reliability. Tools that you can rely on, whatever the situation.

Hultafors is a part of Hultafors Group AB which gives them the power and resources to keep innovating the hand tool industry. Ultimately making the workday easier for hard-working craftsmen all over the world.