Established in the UK almost 20 years ago, Olympia Tools has since evolved to become a major European, trade-only distributor of hand tools and workwear – now supplying a diverse range of products under a variety of brand names! Iconic multi-functional tools such as their Combi Drill and Multi-Tool can be used across a number of different jobs, making them handy to have by your side for whatever task that comes your way.

More About Olympia

Olympia Tools continues to strive towards innovation, a factor which has not only been critical to their success, but also the creativity and originality of their products. While the design of their hand tools has been tried, tested and proven over decades, the brand aspires to improve and enhance their range, with advancements in tool-related areas such as ergonomics designs, material science and production methods. As a result, Olympia Tools’ portfolio is ever-evolving and diversifying all the time, with the times.