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More About Toupret

Toupret is a specialist manufacturer of professional fillers with over 80 years’ experience of making products aimed at Professional Painters and Decorators, as well as in the Building and Construction sector worldwide.

Toupret is a leader in the UK market for high performance fillers, offering a complete range of high-quality, products for background preparation in all types of renovation and refurbishment work. Toupret fillers offer superior product quality, delivering excellent results first time. They do not flash or grin and substrates don’t need to be primed before application for most conditions.

Toupret is known for its innovation, providing solutions for every filling problem. The main ranges include: Interior fillers, exterior fillers, wood fillers, skimming fillers, levelling skimcoats, surface fillers, specialist decontaminating skimming fillers and airspray fillers for applying by machine.