Roughneck 1.4kg (3lb) Gorilla Mini Sledge Hammer

XMS21SLEDGE3 £14.99 RRP £24.99 Save £10.00

Precision forged from high-carbon steel, the Roughneck Gorilla Mini Sledge Hammer features a dome-shaped striking point specifically for exerting concentrated force – as well as a larger-than-normal striking face with chamfered edges for general use! Not only are both striking faces induction heat-treated for hardness, but there is also a side striking face which is unhardened, which can be used to strike wooden posts. Plus, the hammer is fitted with a shock-absorbing TPE grip handle for maximum comfort!

  • Dome faced point concentrates force on contact for easier demolition
  • Solid fibreglass core handle with shock-absorbing grip for greater comfort and control
  • Drop-forged and induction hardened for strength and durability