3-IN-ONE Anti-Seize Copper Grease 300ml

HOW44607 £5.99

3-IN-ONE Anti-seize Copper Grease is a high temperature lubricant and anti-seize compound that protects metal components from corrosion, rust, water, heat and acid. Capable of withstanding temperatures ranging from -18°C to +1,100°C, this grease is also enhanced with graphite for even better lubrication. Once applied, a protective coating is formed which will not wash off or burn, therefore reducing metal to metal friction. 3-IN-ONE professional anti-seize copper grease also assists with the assembly and future dismantling of all threaded metal parts.


Prevents seizure from high temperature and corrosion.

Assists dismantling of threaded fastenings.

Prevents disc brake squeal.

  • Size: 300ml Spray Can