Bahco 550mm (22″) Coated Saw

XMS21SAWXT £11.99 RRP £19.99 Save £8.00

Developed in line with the scientific ERGO™ process, the Bahco 2600 Superior Handsaw provides a three-component handle – designed to fit perfectly inside your hand, for superior handling and comfort when sawing! This handle can also be used as an approximate 45 and 90 degree marking guide, to make it multi-functional. Plus, this tool features unique hard point NXT teeth, to ensure long-lasting sharpness!

The thicker blade offers increased stability and precision, which is ideal for fast-cutting in modern medium/hard material, such as chipboard or plastic – and the low-friction, rust-protective coating helps to ensure smoother cuts too!

  • A thicker blade, hardpoint teeth and a friction-reducing blade coating set this saw apart
  • Ideal for fast cutting in modern medium/hard materials such as chipboard or plastics
  • Length: 550mm (22in)
  • TPI: 9