Einhell 2-In-1 Clean & Dirty Water Pump 520W

EINGEDP5220 £109.99

520W GE-DP 5220 LL ECO 2-In-1 Clean & Dirty Water Pump for the quick drainage of ponds, building pits or flooded cellars, and can be used for clear or waste water with up to 20mm particle size.

Quick adjustment of the required pump settings can be reached by means of its patented function and suction level control.
With a high-quality mechanical seal (ceramic/rubber) which resists even heavy drainage works reliably, and grants a long service life.

  • Input Power: 520W
  • Max. Delivery Capacity: 13,500 L/h.
  • Max. Delivery Height: 7.5m
  • Immersion Depth: 7m
  • Max. Particle Size: 20mm
  • Weight: 5.42kg”