Flopro 2 in 1 Compact Hose Reel 20m

FLO70300450 £39.99

The Flopro 2-in-1 Compact Hose Reel can be freestanding or wall mounted. Its compact size means that it is easy to store and carry. It uses snap-fit connectors to allow easy connection to all watering brands and is designed to ensure that the hose does not twist or kink.

The supplied hose is flexible and UV resistant. It withstands pressure up to 20 bar and can be used in temperatures ranging from -5 to 45°C

  • 20m x Ø12.5mm Hose
  • 2 x Dual Fit Outside Tape Connectors: 1/2in and 3/4in
  • Hose Connector
  • Water Stop Hose Connector
  • Watering Nozzle
  • 2m Reel to Tap Connection Set
  • Wall Bracket with screws and plugs