Hillind 1410/1915 Airdry 4/40M (32mm)

HLS115551 £54.99

This Hills dryer is an ultra heavy-duty clothes line that is weatherproof and durable and comes with 3 or 4 arm versions. The Hills dryers are equipped with 30, 35 or 40 metres of drying line that will hold a large amount of laundry. The large 2.70m turning diameter will give your washing a good fast drying time. This dryer has strong easy clean steel core lines, it also has an easy to operate hoist system, which is easily raised and lowered by the centre slide mechanism.

The dryer is fitted to a 32mm main support pole that is strong and weatherproof.

  • 4 Arm
  • 2.7m Turning Circle
  • 40m Strong Easy-Clean Line
  • 32mm Support pole
  • 1 year guarantee against rust causing failure