Stabila Red Cross Line Laser Level

STBLAX300 £199.99

The Stabila LAX 300 Cross Line Laser Level is ideal for marking out floors, walls and ceilings. It has 3 functions and a visible line range of 20m with a red laser diode. Has 3 lines: one horizontal line, one upwards vertical line, and one downwards plumb-line make the laser well suited for the transfer of the layout from floor to roof. The laser also allows quick and precise plumbing.

A very bright, narrow and clear laser line is visible up to 20m. The laser can be rotated through 360° in its housing and can be used directly on the floor, attached to a tripod (1/4in thread), fastened to metallic objects by its rare earth magnet and V-groove or secured by the metal lugs using a strap.

The laser level has a shock-absorbent STABILA soft-grip casing, providing high protection (class IP 54). There is optimal protection of the optical equipment against dust and scratches by rotation inside the U-shaped housing.

Thanks to the pulsed laser lines, the LAX 300 can be used both inside and out.


  • Level Accuracy:± 0.3 mm/m.
  • Self-Levelling Range:±4.5°.
  • Working Range: 20m.
  • Power: 3 x AA batteries (supplied).
  • Average Battery Life: 20 Hours.
  • Tripod Thread: 1/4in.
  • Laser Class: 2.
  • Line Straightness:± 0.2mm/m.
  • Protection Class: IP54 rated, against splash & dust damage.