Stanley FatMax Chrome Tape Twin Pack

XMS19CTTWIN £29.99 RRP £47.99 Save £18.00

The Stanley FatMax Chrome Pocket Tape has a Mylar coated steel blade with large metric and imperial markings and a TRU-ZERO end hook. There is BladeArmor coating on the first 7.6cm. This coating makes the Stanley FatMax Tape Measure 10x more impervious to damage from wear and tear than your average lacquer coated blade. The blade also offers an impressive standout of 3.3m. The chromed high-impact case features cushion grip areas that provide a sturdy, slip-resistant hold. This twin pack contains: 1 x FatMax Chrome Pocket Tape 5m/16ft 1 x FatMax Chrome Pocket Tape 8m/26ft

  • Chromed high impact cases
  • Blade armour
  • Zero wide end hooks
  • Contains a 5m (16ft) and an 8m (26ft) tape